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  • Sesame Club

    10 Aly Amin St. Extension Of Mostafa El Nahhas St., In Front Of El Borg Restaurants For Sea Food, Nasr City, Cairo
    Tel: 02-23866069, 02-23866171, 0100-0741600
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    Sesame club is a huge store for all kids’ requirements. I entered it for the first time when I was looking for a store to make my Baby’s shower. It is very well organized, the first floor for the toys and decorations while the second floor is for the kids’ basic requirements i.e car seats, bottles, clothes, beds, bed linens,..
    Whatever you need for your kids, you will find it there. Sesame offers different brands varying from the extremely expensive to cheap prices. They hire many staff for a better customer service.
    I recommended this store to many of my friends who really liked it.
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    very good kids center to shop in , they are sepcialized in everything concerns your child clothes, toys , bedrooms , baby feeding tools and every division consists all ages starts with new born , :) even el sobo3 tools our Egyption tradition for the 7 days baby and they have a seprate division for cutting childrens' hair and it is designed with a very attractive decorations to attract children and to make them love to set in, and another section for gifts and presents about prices they have a wide range of everything you will find the cheep, the expensive and in between , easy to find a place to park there, by the way you can leave your mobile no. to recieve their offers by sms and in any section you are in you will find someone helps you i really got many things for my doughter and i enjoyed it.
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