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  • Bescletta

    20 A El Khalifa El Maamoun St., Beside Metro Market, Heliopolis, Cairo
    Tel: 02-24536689, 02-24536664, 0100-7775121
    Fax: 02-24536652
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    I bought my bicycle from Besceletta about one year ago, they have a good collection of Bianchi, Giante, Peugeot, Hummer and other brands... You can always find something for your budget, their bikes start from 2,000 LE until 20,000 LE

    They have all the types of bikes, mountain, road and race bikes. They also have a good collection of accessories.

    You can go there with your car and they will mount the bike to your car if you buy the holder (400 LE Italian bike holder) which works for both sedan and hatchback cars. If you don't want that hassle they can deliver it to your door for free.
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