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  • Auto Samir Rayan

    8 Ideal Bldgs., El Nasr Rd., In Front Of The Arab Contractors Stadium, Main Entrance, Nasr City, Cairo
    Tel: 0122-3778928, 02-23421540, 02-23421541, 02-23422887
    Phone / Fax: 02-23421582
    Fax: 02-23421582
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    ana lesa wa5ed men 3ando hyndai verna 2ol 7agah el t3amol bta3o kois y3ny el nas btoryk kol el 3rbyat we y2ololak eh a7ssan men eh we el nas ely hnak by7trmook we by3amlook kois awy we 3ando kol el 3rbyat ely enta btkoon 3ayzha we nefsak feha we bydeek hdaya 7loa awy we by3malak 5somat 3la el 3rbyat we enta hat5ly 2arybak we as7abak yro7o yshtro men 3ando kol el 3rbyat ely homa bykono 3ayznha we lma teshtery el 3arbya byte5tar el loon ely enta 3ayzoo we bygbholak we 2ol lma betedfa3 el floos byta5ood el 3arbya
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