Cannon of Iftar "Midfaa El Iftar"... Boom! Firing cannon at sunset during Ramadan to announce the end of fasting is a well kept tradition in Egypt and most of the Arab worlds. Ramadan Kareem! Dalili wishes everyone an acceptable fast and a delicious iftar.

Restaurants Eat Out

  • Mori Sushi fido wrote: Awesome! If you like Sushi, you'll love Mori. Fresh, reasonably priced and an outstanding selection (i've never heard of half the stuff they have on their menus), plus the ambiance and decor is great. More >>
  • Studio Misr Mohamed Salah wrote: When it comes to Kebab and Kofta, studio misr is he best place that make it in Egypt. It is definitely not the kind of place that you go and order "kilo meshakel", they do not sell by kilos... Normal people don't eat kilos of meat :) ...... To get the full experience of their taste, order "Shawaya" and they will get a mini grill on your table that is actually functional and have hot coal inside.. with kebab, kofta, chicken breats and shish tawook it will fill in for all flavors... This shawaya is for 2 or 3 people if you order side rice or potatoes with it....... The place in general is clean and has nice service which makes you enjoy the full dining experience... I definitely prefer it over all other restaurants in Nile City, in Porto Marina and in Porto El Sokhna.... More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • La Reine Wassily wrote: La reine, the well-known and most famous name in the sweet making industry. It has a lot of branches spread all over Egypt. I am a regular customer of the Lebanon Sq. branch because I live nearby and of the course the cakes there is amazing. Chocolates are even better. The eastern sweets such as basbosa, konafa, and el meshabek are also great, but what most people don’t know is that la riene also serves a huge menu of grilled food. They have kofta, Shish kebab, and shawerma, and the best one of them all is the grilled chicken, I just adore it. Prices range from 20-35L.E, it's not expensive. They also do delivery; my order is usually a white rice and half grilled chicken. More >>
  • Sale Sucre medo wrote: i love it they make both western and oriental sweets their menu is rich with all of you can imagine personally i tried every thing they have and i will tell you obout first their oreintal sweets ie. el konafa , basbosa and blah el sham and the other kinds when you eat them you don't find them with over suger which often i find it in other sweet shops. the western sweets i think they have the best chocolote moose and many tastes they have but really all kinds of moose are great in. their cakes too are great espcially i like the four season cake and vanella cakes too, and they have an option is really so much good after 11 Clock they give you 35% discount and by the way onetime we were having a birthday party in our work place so we needed a cake at 9:00 at the morning and we went there and we get it and it was fresh so don't worry at any time you will get your sweets fresh always. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Spectra Restaurant & Cafe Remo wrote: When it comes to my best restaurant ever, i have lots of words to say Spectra is just an Amazing restaurant which i always find the Charming Weather and the mouthwatering delicious food which is picked with care, actually spectra didn't left any single detail to be done by careless, When you enter from the door you just begin a new life specially when you go with your friends, Even the minimum charge is not too much . Oh i forgot Spectra is the Best place where you could taste the Superb Ice-Cream Ever More >>
  • Boss Restaurant & Cafe ahmedesebai wrote: I've been a Boss fan since it started as an English pub imitation with wooden walls, dim lights and everyday live entertainment (those were the days). A couple of years ago, the manager and owner made a leaping shape shift to the place which seemed very promising, but in my opinion, it didn't hold up to it's popularity as a famous Maadi pub. Nor as a club it was something in between, which couldn't win the competition to the neighboring bar (red onion) nor to the Cairo jazz club entertainment wise. More >>


  • Marine Sports Club amir tharwat wrote: imagine that you are sitting in quite place ...looking on the sea’s very nice .... listening to the music ..... ok ok, just try to be there ... More >>
  • Al Rehab Sporting Club besso wrote: One of the most modern clubs in Egypt...its interior buildings and swimming pools are very good.. It becomes one of the leading clubs in many sports worldwide More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Dream Park Mico wrote: It's the biggest fun park in Egypt. You can spend all the day in it without getting bored; I like to go to it with my friends from time to time to have fun & to change my routine. But the problem that it is getting very crowded in summer & vacations -:( More >>
  • Dream Park Wassily wrote: Dream park is the best place for entertainment!! With amazing games and hangout places, Dream Park is the dream place for every child, teenager and grown up. The biggest amusement park in Egypt, on the road of faoyum, inside of another piece of dreams, is dreamland. My favorite food there is Ali baba fried chicken. As for the games, my favorite is the discovery. One of their newest games and of course, everyone’s favorite, the rocket.. el saroo5 and of course the very scary and heart-taking, Death train. More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • El Bandar Cinema Sha Sha wrote: Bandar Cinema theaters are just the right size to enjoy movies. I've seen it quite crowded for new movies, best to arrive early and get tickets as soon as they're available. Nice location, with Chile's and Le Cafe downstairs for some after-movie snacks! More >>
  • Golden Stars Cinema DIBO wrote: nothing to say , the best cinema ever from my point of view More >>

Fitness Centers

  • Gold's Gym - Lagoon Alex. ahmedfk wrote: I have joined the gym since the last July because of what i heard about it as the best gym in Egypt , there's only one branch of this gym in Alexandria, and it's really a nice place for practicing sport including boxing , spinning, abs workout, and weight lifting , i think its membership fee is about 2400 egp and there is a special discount for the lagoon club members, there are a lot of sales representatives that you find any one of them at any time and they will be pleased to help you, and you can pay the fee as premiums. More >>
  • Worlds Gym AdoniS wrote: They have really cool and clean place which is fully equipped... Really friendly staff... Better than the others... More >>


  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Update to my previous review; I recently went again to Mandara spa and the place itself as well as the massage is still one of the best in Egypt. I had a 90 minutes sports massage and the massage really went deep into my knots and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The lady was really great. However the small things often make a big difference and the towels and bathrobes smelled really bad and even after exchanging them the replacement also smelt really bad. The very nice Thai lady who brought us the towels smelled them herself and the face she made when she smelled them said it all. I almost laughed. She explained that the laundry service of the hotel is not working properly!!!! WHAT? I wonder what they do with all their sheets. Not a nice thought. Besides that you take of (almost) all of your clothes to get a massage and then you walk to the massage room from your locker room. They used to have the one time slippers that all 5 star hotels have in their rooms but this time they had a pair of plastic slippers that really looked as if they had been worn by a construction worker for years. No way am I going to put my feet in those. I guess the times are hard and they need to save where they can but saving on towels and slippers is not the right place. It really ruins the whole mood. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Marie Lou wrote: One day suffering from a case of “Pharaonic Phatigue “I decide to pay a visit to the Mandara Spa in the Marriott Hotel. Relaxation starts when you step in to the foyer where you are offered a tray containing tea, a warm scented towel to refresh yourself and the list of treatments to choose from. The decor is tasteful Asian, the lights are dim, and a lovely citrusy fragrance and soothing music waft in the air. Even under the closest scrutiny what is most remarkable about the spa is the cleanliness, it is spotless. Once you have picked out your choice of treatment an attendant escorts you to a changing and shower room, then to the area where it will be administered. The same serene, tasteful decor and outstanding cleanliness is present all over the spa. I had a Moroccan bath and a rejuvenating facial both executed by a tiny Asian technician with hands surprisingly strong when giving a body massage and as light as butterflies when working on facials. The experience was a vacation within a vacation and worth every penny. Always best to call ahead to make an appointment and specify what you want done so they can set up and be ready for you when you arrive. More >>


  • El - Ezaby Pharmacies Family man wrote: I always find what I need in Ezaby Pharmacies. The home delivery service is quick, polite and efficient and their call center personnel usually speak fairly good English. One of the best pharmacies in Egypt More >>
  • Khalil Pharmacy sunnyskies wrote: khalil pharmacy is one of the biggest pharmacies in ِِAِِlexandria. It has one of the most efficient facilities which is 24/7 delivery. More >>


  • Pain Clinic fido wrote: I've been exercising for most of life and in the process I have managed to injure my back several times. Typically my back injuries have been in the lower back and every time the injury reoccurred i was basically out of the gym for several weeks ... until i met Dr. Atta... Dr. Atta diagnosis the affected area quickly and gets to work. He is a chiropractor, among other things, and has access to all of the essentials for back related pain and muscle injuries including ultrasound. Generally, in my case, a few back-to-back 15 minute sessions is all it takes to solve the problem and put me back in the gym. I highly recommend Dr. Atta and aside from being very good at what he does, he is also very personable. More >>
  • ODC - Osman Dental Clinic Family man wrote: I started going to Dr. Osman approximately 3 years ago because my daughter had a problem with an overbite. We went first to several other dentists and none of them instilled confidence in me or my daughter. Dr. Osman is great with kids and my daughter immediately fell at ease with him and so did we. After everything was done the invoice was less than 10% of what the other dentists had quoted. We were very (pleasantly) surprised. Since then we have been going regularly to ODC and I have recommended this place to my friends as well. In the clinic they also have the best dental hygienist in Egypt, Dr. Jackie. She has been cleaning my teeth for many years (she works in another dentist clinic as well) and now she is also cleaning the teeth of my wife and kids. Best dentist in Egypt. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt besso wrote: A very good hospital that was founded on donations to help people who don't have money in curing their children from the cancer disease. More >>
  • El Nil Hospital philipe wrote: Excellent hospital in comparison to other hospitals, private or governmental. I hope every hospital in Egypt is like this hospital. More >>

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