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Restaurants Eat Out

  • Balbaa Village For B.B.Q & Fish momo wrote: I really adore you. You are the best restaurant in Alex. Whenever I go there, I must eat at your restaurant. The grilled food is the best in Egypt and your fish is very tasty and fresh. Your large selection of salads are fantastic. ِAnd of course, your homemade bread speaks for itself. I love you so much and I wish that you could open a location in Cairo, because your prices are really low. Your downtown branch is fantastic. More >>
  • Groppi momo wrote: Groppi is one of the oldest casinos in Egypt, we have been hearing about it from our grandparents and parents; it is known as a very special place for lovers since it opened in Egypt. We decided to go there my friends and I, it is situated in a fantastic place and has many windows and doors on both the streets it looks on. It is very special what I love about it is that it has kept on its old fashioned and classic décor and it is very comfortable and the moment you enter it you feel you have stepped back in time. The place is in somewhat expensive but you will like it. More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • Zanobia newtocairo wrote: Enjoy delectable Egyptian desserts and oriental sweets at Zanobia. This popular bakery chain uses the highest quality ingredients to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for any sweet tooth. Choose from a selection of freshly baked pastries, savory pies, cakes and chocolates. Call in advance for specialty cake designs for any occasion. Zanobia also provides catering services for special parties and events. More >>
  • El Domiaty Sweets Wassily wrote: El domiaty, it's above comments, it's one of the best places you can buy your dessert from. Whether it's Basbosa or Konafa or others, this is the place to go. The prices are amazing and they have a wide variety of everything, cakes, tarts, etc. The packaging is great and gives a huge value to what you bought, especially if you’re gifting it in any occasion. People are friendly and helpful and I like how they always offer me free samples to try out new things while I am there. Only problem is that there aren’t many branches of this shop, so I am hoping it will spread across Egypt someday. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Cafe Greco AdoniS wrote: They have really delicious cheese cake! It doesn't matter plain or with sauce... Their coffee is a bit strong. More >>
  • Spectra Restaurant & Cafe newtocairo wrote: This highly searched restaurant chain features a fresh and approachable European and American menu, including Tex-Mex items. From salads, pastas, to meat and seafood dishes make sure to arrive with an appetite, as portions are quite generous. The atmosphere has an old-world charm with cozy wood booth seating and walls adorned with vintage posters. Spectra is able to accommodate large groups for any special event. More >>


  • Ace Club lovesART wrote: The Ace Club is a great place to hang out with friends. All that is needed to become a member is a foreign passport. The membership fees are very inexpensive. You can cool off inside the bar or enjoy a drink on the patio garden. Inside there are flat screen TV’s (24/7 sports), pool tables and good music. The pub food is delicious and the prices are low. Make sure to try the fish & chips – you won’t be disappointed. Evenings are busy during the school year, so if you want a seat in the bar, get there early. Also, there is an outside play area for kids, as well as an ice cream stand. I usually walk to The Ace Club, as there is little parking available. More >>
  • Wadi Degla Holding ODDA wrote: It's a special club, although it's small (a bit) but it's very good and quiet. I visit it from time to time. More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Dream Park Mico wrote: It's the biggest fun park in Egypt. You can spend all the day in it without getting bored; I like to go to it with my friends from time to time to have fun & to change my routine. But the problem that it is getting very crowded in summer & vacations -:( More >>
  • International Park momo wrote: It is one of the best places in Egypt. It is also one of the oldest gardens. All the plants are rare and special. The garden is designed in a very special way it consists of levels that increase in height as you go. Taking photos there is fantastic you will get magnificent pictures that will always make you remember, and the air is clean and healthy due to wide green areas. Never hesitate to go whenever you get the chance. More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • Stars Cinema newtocairo wrote: My husband and I enjoy going to Stars Cinema Friday mornings, as the theater is empty. If you are like me and don’t like crowds, I recommend the 10:15 or 11:00am VIP showings. A VIP ticket is about 100 LE and you can select your own seat (only around 30 seats) and relax in a comfortable leather recliner! You can order lunch or dinner from a special menu and have it delivered to your seat while enjoying your movie. There is also a concession stand with popcorn and candy. The staff always prepares a fresh batch for us and it tastes just like it does in the states. Also, the bathrooms are very clean and modern. Make sure to bring a jacket, as the theater is freezing! More >>
  • Golden Stars Cinema AdoniS wrote: Yes, very comfortable seats.. but I would suggest you to have a jacket because it might be a bit chilly.. at least for me. More >>

Fitness Centers

  • Finesse Gym Sha Sha wrote: Finesse is a full-service gym focusing on helping women lose weight. It's the combination of available options that makes this place work. Body composition analysis, nutrition counseling, circuit training, personal training, vibrating plates, sauna and ultrasound sessions. The staff is well trained and the facility is for ladies only, a plus when you're trying to lose some pounds and maybe feeling a bit self-conscious. Membership prices are competitive and the location is great with lots of parking available. More >>
  • Worlds Gym besso wrote: I work out there...it is awesome....They offer a perfect atmosphere for exercising...i just hope if they open much earlier so people can go to practice before work. More >>


  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Update to my previous review; I recently went again to Mandara spa and the place itself as well as the massage is still one of the best in Egypt. I had a 90 minutes sports massage and the massage really went deep into my knots and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The lady was really great. However the small things often make a big difference and the towels and bathrobes smelled really bad and even after exchanging them the replacement also smelt really bad. The very nice Thai lady who brought us the towels smelled them herself and the face she made when she smelled them said it all. I almost laughed. She explained that the laundry service of the hotel is not working properly!!!! WHAT? I wonder what they do with all their sheets. Not a nice thought. Besides that you take of (almost) all of your clothes to get a massage and then you walk to the massage room from your locker room. They used to have the one time slippers that all 5 star hotels have in their rooms but this time they had a pair of plastic slippers that really looked as if they had been worn by a construction worker for years. No way am I going to put my feet in those. I guess the times are hard and they need to save where they can but saving on towels and slippers is not the right place. It really ruins the whole mood. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Best spa in Egypt. That pretty much sums it up. I love a good massage and spa experience and the Mandara Spa is top notch. From the moment you enter you feel as if you have entered a different world. You start by filling out a form detailing if there is any area you would like to have special focus on and if you have any areas which may have aches and pain. A great way to ensure there is no miscommunication and that you get exactly what you had in mind. I had the deep tissue full body massage with focus on my back area. The masseuse was polite, petite and from Thailand and OMG she could apply pressure on all the right places. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep and when my hour was up I just wanted to continue. I felt like a new man leaving and the biggest worry is that it is so good it could become addictive. Pricing is not cheap (expect app LE 600 for 1 hour) but well worth every pound. More >>


  • El - Ezaby Pharmacy besso wrote: It should be named the Medicine Mega Store...they have all the medicines and the special about this Pharmacy that if they don’t have what you need...they will bring it to you :) More >>
  • Seif Pharmacies newtocairo wrote: The pharmacy counter at Seif is usually very busy and quite often others try to budge in front of me. However, I lucked out on my last visit, as I was the only customer. Plus, I actually found parking in front of the store! The pharmacist who helped me spoke English, making the process fast and easy. I gave him the name of my prescription (plus a list of generics as back-up) and he was able to find an equivalent. He was knowledgeable about the drug, making sure it did not contain a drug I am allergic to. Parking is usually a hassle. More >>


  • ODC - Osman Dental Clinic Family man wrote: I started going to Dr. Osman approximately 3 years ago because my daughter had a problem with an overbite. We went first to several other dentists and none of them instilled confidence in me or my daughter. Dr. Osman is great with kids and my daughter immediately fell at ease with him and so did we. After everything was done the invoice was less than 10% of what the other dentists had quoted. We were very (pleasantly) surprised. Since then we have been going regularly to ODC and I have recommended this place to my friends as well. In the clinic they also have the best dental hygienist in Egypt, Dr. Jackie. She has been cleaning my teeth for many years (she works in another dentist clinic as well) and now she is also cleaning the teeth of my wife and kids. Best dentist in Egypt. More >>
  • Aphrodiet Spa & Wellness Center mira wrote: This is a wonderful place and the workers are well trained and did an excellent job. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Diabetic Foot Center - Dr. Rashad Beshara polaadel wrote: from the very good centers in following up the diabetes diseases .. which considered as one of the most dangerous diseases that need a very accurate follow up .. .. they provide a very good treatment and follow up .. with a very modern instruments used in diagnosing disease .. although diabetes has no cure as it is a chronic disease .. but the doctors there give a very good diabetes control to the patients .. from the valuable advices they give there are Choosing proper footwear and Regular exercises More >>
  • Misr International Hospital Family man wrote: Any business is as good as the people working there and hospitals are no different. There was a medical emergency in my family which necessitated that we visit a hospital all of a sudden Thursday night at 2 am during Ramadan. Misr International Hospital (MIH) was recommended to us by a family member so we went. Some of the staff were very nice and helpful especially the non-medical staff. There was one gentleman in particular who really went out of his way to help us and not only us but others as well. He actually seemed to be more or less the only one working at the hospital at that time of the night. The doctors seemed tired and slightly annoyed at the prospect of being disturbed at this hour and things moved VERY slowly. It took 8 hours to do a few tests and in the end they sent us home with a bunch of medication and a "don't worry". It turned out that they had completely misdiagnosed and unfortunately there was a reason to worry and we had to check-in to another hospital 24 hours later because things had gotten worse. More >>

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