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Restaurants Eat Out

  • McDonald's nournawar wrote: An important factor in the success of this fast-food chain is its tasty fries. These are the customers’ (especially for me) favourite item and are more popular than their burgers. The cooking oil they use adds to the taste of the fries." ....well, ok this is one of the good parts of McDonald's. But I am sorry to say that, sometimes incorrect orders can come from this branch... I ordered diet cola, they brought me ice cream, can you believe it?! More >>
  • Aperitivo - La Bodega fido wrote: La Bodega is as trendy today as it was half a decade ago. It's situated in the heart of Zamalek in an old well kept building (very near Maison Thomas). The decor is beautiful and there are plenty of spots to hangout and lounge in. The main bar is properly stocked and the "in crowed" wraps right around it on the weekends. After a drink or two you can enjoy fine cuisine in the adjacent dining area. The service is very good and the eclectic cuisine is excellent - somewhat pricey but well worth it. More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • Kasr El Elysee momo wrote: Your dessert is fantastic and is very delicious. It is very fresh and tastes marvelous. Your oriental dessert is also one-of-a-kind. It is very very special and you are very elegant in everything you make. Your brand name is top of the list. I really love you so much. I just wait for an occasion so I can buy from you. But I have only one negative point that your branches are so limited and I can't find you easily in many places. More >>
  • Groppi Wassily wrote: Groppi, downtown... The place that your parents tell you about it.. and your grandparents tell you about it.. It’s a very old and nostalgic restaurant and coffee in west el balad, the place is amazing. You can feel yourself sitting in a place filled with history with great service and great people who run the place and great quality of things to choose from. It’s an amazing experience. I used to go there as a child with my parents, but now I go there with my friends to hangout and have a great time. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Roma Cafe & Bistro Mohamed Salah wrote: Roma cafe is not just another ordinary cafe in Nasr city. It's a place that has its culture and its nice crowd. This is one of the few places where you enjoy watching premier league and EUFA matches with really passionate people about football, you'll find that everyone has his team that he supports madly! At night, Roma has a nice relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a shisha, grab a sandwich or pizza. There is an outdoor setting where there is no TV or Music so you just enjoy talking with your friends and indoors you can watch TV or listen to music. Their shisha (20 LE for fakher including Lay) is more than perfect; you get wel3a every 10 minutes without asking. Food is good as well, the bacon burger (50 LE) is a gourmet burger comes served with homemade fries, onion rings, fresh vegetables and coleslaw... Little bit expensive but well worth it. Service is good and fast, waiters are so friendly, they know customers by name and customers know them. Bathroom is clean. Parking could be a problem but they have a valet parking you can leave your car key to the "Sayes". More >>
  • Boss Restaurant & Cafe ahmedesebai wrote: I've been a Boss fan since it started as an English pub imitation with wooden walls, dim lights and everyday live entertainment (those were the days). A couple of years ago, the manager and owner made a leaping shape shift to the place which seemed very promising, but in my opinion, it didn't hold up to it's popularity as a famous Maadi pub. Nor as a club it was something in between, which couldn't win the competition to the neighboring bar (red onion) nor to the Cairo jazz club entertainment wise. More >>


  • Ace Club Sha Sha wrote: Ace Club has the atmosphere of a pub with good food, good drinks and a nice crowd most of the time. Prices are very reasonable. There are pool tables and a couple of teams play from there in the BCA League. A nice place for a gathering- large or small- with the garden area available for large groups and a place for kids to play around. More >>
  • Greek Club Mina wrote: Greek Club is a very nice place to spend your evening for a night out with friends or for dates. It's a great calm place with a great atmosphere and a very nice view. I went there once where I headed directly to the restaurant where I ordered seafood. The food was delicious and well cooked, service was very good and food was served in a timely manner. Prices were a little bit high, but that is expected for any place that serves fresh fish. You can either choose to sit inside or in the open air. Both choices are great. I am definitely going there again. More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Kee Action Sports - Paint Ball Sal wrote: Great Sport and the best of all is the fact that they have 2 fields to play in. You must play the 2 fields or visit the new 3000 SQM New Field @ Al-Obour in Al-Obour City. More >>
  • Family Land Sha Sha wrote: Family Land does have a lot to offer. Some shopping, kids activities and rides, restaurants, a ladies only weight loss center and last, but not least, the cinema. Movies shown represent both Arabic and English titles, as first run as can be expected here. The theaters are reasonably sized; the larger ones can get kind of loud when crowded. Cold drinks, popcorn, snacks (the usual stuff) are available in the lobbies. More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • Golden Stars Cinema AdoniS wrote: Yes, very comfortable seats.. but I would suggest you to have a jacket because it might be a bit chilly.. at least for me. More >>
  • Stars Cinema newtocairo wrote: My husband and I enjoy going to Stars Cinema Friday mornings, as the theater is empty. If you are like me and don’t like crowds, I recommend the 10:15 or 11:00am VIP showings. A VIP ticket is about 100 LE and you can select your own seat (only around 30 seats) and relax in a comfortable leather recliner! You can order lunch or dinner from a special menu and have it delivered to your seat while enjoying your movie. There is also a concession stand with popcorn and candy. The staff always prepares a fresh batch for us and it tastes just like it does in the states. Also, the bathrooms are very clean and modern. Make sure to bring a jacket, as the theater is freezing! More >>

Fitness Centers

  • Pro Center Health Club Mohamed Salah wrote: Pro gym is one of the top gyms in Egypt. It is located in Nasr City, El Nasr Road just a few blocks after Tiba mall. The gym is very well equipped with Cardio/Vascular machines, weight lifting, all kinds of machines you would need. It also has Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Steam room in addition to a swimming pool at the roof of the building. The gym itself is located on the last floor of the building taking the complete floor. The gym is mixed, also with the option of ladies only hall, making it nice to go with your spouse for some work out. The cons are that it is extremely hard to find a parking spot, i used to park next to the building in an empty piece of land but now that they are building a tower, there is no place to park, actually this is why i didn't renew my membership. Also the other problem is that the gym can get crowded very easily, you would have to wait for 10-15 minutes sometime to get an empty treadmill. The owners of the place should understand is that once they have reached the capacity they should close the door to new memberships, or open a new branch to serve the increasing crowd. More >>
  • Fibers Club Family man wrote: I have been a member of Fibers now for 2 months and let me start off by saying it is a good gym. The equipment is very nice and they have lots of cardio machines (most of their equipment is from the brand TechnoGym). It is a brand new club and it shows that everything is still new. They have spent quite a lot of money on the decorations but they skimped on some areas which shouldn't make that much of a difference for example the garbage bins they have set up through out the gym. Most of them are already broken because they are of poor quality. If you spend millions on a gym then spend the last few thousand on decent garbage bins. The downside is that it has a low ceiling and the view from the gym to the outside is not very inspiring. All of the cardio equipment has built in entertainment which is nice and they have a good selection of app. 20 TV channels with Eng and Arb programs. Remember to bring your earphones. Because the gym is still relatively new it is still nice and empty so you can get a good workout done without waiting for the machines to become available. They have a small pro shop where you can buy supplements and Cafe Greco has a tiny branch inside the gym but a recommendation would be to offer protein shakes instead of cake or coffee. All in all one of the better gyms in Egypt. More >>


  • Mandara Spa Marie Lou wrote: One day suffering from a case of “Pharaonic Phatigue “I decide to pay a visit to the Mandara Spa in the Marriott Hotel. Relaxation starts when you step in to the foyer where you are offered a tray containing tea, a warm scented towel to refresh yourself and the list of treatments to choose from. The decor is tasteful Asian, the lights are dim, and a lovely citrusy fragrance and soothing music waft in the air. Even under the closest scrutiny what is most remarkable about the spa is the cleanliness, it is spotless. Once you have picked out your choice of treatment an attendant escorts you to a changing and shower room, then to the area where it will be administered. The same serene, tasteful decor and outstanding cleanliness is present all over the spa. I had a Moroccan bath and a rejuvenating facial both executed by a tiny Asian technician with hands surprisingly strong when giving a body massage and as light as butterflies when working on facials. The experience was a vacation within a vacation and worth every penny. Always best to call ahead to make an appointment and specify what you want done so they can set up and be ready for you when you arrive. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Update to my previous review; I recently went again to Mandara spa and the place itself as well as the massage is still one of the best in Egypt. I had a 90 minutes sports massage and the massage really went deep into my knots and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The lady was really great. However the small things often make a big difference and the towels and bathrobes smelled really bad and even after exchanging them the replacement also smelt really bad. The very nice Thai lady who brought us the towels smelled them herself and the face she made when she smelled them said it all. I almost laughed. She explained that the laundry service of the hotel is not working properly!!!! WHAT? I wonder what they do with all their sheets. Not a nice thought. Besides that you take of (almost) all of your clothes to get a massage and then you walk to the massage room from your locker room. They used to have the one time slippers that all 5 star hotels have in their rooms but this time they had a pair of plastic slippers that really looked as if they had been worn by a construction worker for years. No way am I going to put my feet in those. I guess the times are hard and they need to save where they can but saving on towels and slippers is not the right place. It really ruins the whole mood. More >>


  • El - Ezaby Pharmacies fido wrote: El Azaby pharmacies is among the best pharmacy brands in Egypt. They are well stocked with both local and imported products (imported products can be very pricey, if you are new to Egypt, do know that the made in Egypt version is usually just as good for a lot less money). Conveniently, El Azaby deliver 24/7 for free. More >>
  • East Degla Pharmacy Sha Sha wrote: This Pharmacy is quite well stocked and has a very knowledgeable and well versed English speaking Pharmacist. You can phone in your needs for pick up or delivery or drop them off while you wait or have them delivered at a later time. More >>


  • Dr. Ahmed Saad tarekelsehrawy wrote: Dr. Ahmed Saad is one of the perfect psychiatry professors in the faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University. His clinic offers all general psychiatry services in addition to child, geriatric and addiction therapy services and also psychological assessment for any patient. More >>
  • Dr. Sherif Hamza md wrote: Dr. Sheriff is a good surgeon, however, he did a surgery to my mother and during the surgery burned her, third type burn, and released her from the hospital without telling us. This type of doctors should not practice. I will not recommend him to anyone. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Ghaly's Medical Group Family man wrote: This review is not so much about the quality of Ghaly Medical Center as I never got the chance to try it out. My wife had set an appointment with a dermatologist for our 2 year old daughter at 4.30 pm and she had repeatedly asked if the doctor comes on time which she was assured that she does. I was there with my 2 year old daughter at 4.25 pm and was asked to sit and wait which is fine. After app. 15 minutes a lady came and asked me to follow with her to across the street. I thought this is not too bad, only 10 minute delay. I was then asked to sit down again and wait. I asked how much longer it would be and I was told 5 minutes. Again I thought this is still ok. After another 10 minutes I again asked how much longer it would be and this is when I was told that the doctor was on his way. He wasnt even there yet but I was assured that he lived in Maadi and would be here shortly. This continued for 45 minutes after which I left without seeing anyone. Please explain to me why his time is more important than mine or that of my daughter. I am baffled by the lack of ability to manage time by many doctors in Egypt. Why even bother setting appointments if you already know that you will not be able to keep them. Is it really that difficult to manage? Most other people seem to be able to manage so why not doctors. The 1 star rating I am giving is because I was constantly being told 5 more minutes and in the end did not see the doctor. More >>
  • Misr International Hospital Patient wrote: The circumstances lead me to be admitted at this hospital in order to have my gall bladder removed. I was told that Dr. Nabil Naser is a reputable one and had done many such operations. I was told also that they would make two halls in my abdominal to have it removed by laser. I think my gall bladder was removed or that was what I was told. I stayed two days at the hospital but Dr. Nabil Naser never showed up but a young Dr came the second day of the operation to check and to take the operation fees. I honestly suspect if Dr. Nabil ever operated on me or whether he is in country. It only happens in Misr International Hospital that the patient is not being informed of what to expect and is not being informed of the procedures. The operating doctor doesn't visit or talk to his patients. Nurses, cleaners, admin staff all expect to be tipped. More >>

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