Locals crowd the beach on a hot summer day in Alexandria.

Restaurants Eat Out

  • Peking Wassily wrote: Peking, I always watched people in sitcoms or movies munch on Chinese food with chopsticks and I always wanted to try it out. My first interaction and experience with Chinese food was through Peking, my friends told me about it. Prices were a bit high, but the food itself was amazing. It was totally worth it. Although now there are a lot of Asian and Chinese food places, such as mori sushi and fusion, and they are very good, I still have a soft spot for Peking since it’s my first experience with Chinese and Asian food. More >>
  • Little Buddha besso wrote: I agree....It's a very good place to go in sharm..I also agree on the pricey part....But anyway it is awesome :) More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • So Sweet soliman wrote: That's what I call a special pastry, may be it's not the best in Ismailyah, but it's really special because you will enjoy the great weather of Ismailya while enjoying a gateau piece :D The prices are really affordable. In my experience, we were five people and paid around 60 EGP for 6 gateau pieces and 6 cans. If you want a really amazing gateau, you may want to try "Zanobia". More >>
  • TBS - The Bakery Shop souljackal wrote: T.B.S The Bakery Shop is , what its name says it really is, a bakery shop by definition providing all sorts of bakery that you could possibly imagine,freshly baked , all types of bread , healthy , inspiring.. once famous for its shop in Zamalek and Maadi , now also available at Korba Baghdad St.,,one of the most celebrated streets in cairo ,denoting multicultural demographics that once prevailed in egypt , reflecting through its unique architecture, offering you the chance to be part of a frame that shows the true sense of Egypt,if you book one of the two tables overlooking the main street,and order your breakfast as early as 07:00 AM Cairo time, in which case you wont have to wait to be inspired and perhaps bring out the poet,writer,painter or even the photographer in you. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Costa Coffee Mostafa El Nazer wrote: Yes, it is good coffee. More >>
  • Cilantro ahmedfk wrote: In my opinion Cilantro cafe is a very cool and nice place to spend time and to have a meal or a drink, it has many branches in Cairo and Alexandria, but what makes this cafe so nice is that the unique style of the cafe in the aspect of decoration. It also has Wi-Fi network. The meals are really delicious and well made, they have different sandwiches and dishes that suit all tastes, besides the food there's also the drinks which are so special, they have all kinds of juices, also the coffee is so tasty. More >>


  • Wadi Degla besso wrote: Even it is a little bit smaller than wadi degla maadi branch...it is also a very good club...the swimming pools and cafe shops are really awesome. More >>
  • Ace Club newtocairo wrote: ACE Club made recent changes to its menu, services and outdoor seating. A new chef was hired, so there is a new breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. A couple excellent additions include the Cobb Salad, ACE burger and club sandwich and Potato Skins served with sour cream, onions and cheese. There are new tables and more comfortable chairs in the outside area, as well as two new flat screen TVs. More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Dream Park Mico wrote: It's the biggest fun park in Egypt. You can spend all the day in it without getting bored; I like to go to it with my friends from time to time to have fun & to change my routine. But the problem that it is getting very crowded in summer & vacations -:( More >>
  • Kee Action Sports - Paint Ball Sal wrote: Great Sport and the best of all is the fact that they have 2 fields to play in. You must play the 2 fields or visit the new 3000 SQM New Field @ Al-Obour in Al-Obour City. More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • El Bandar Cinema Sha Sha wrote: Bandar Cinema theaters are just the right size to enjoy movies. I've seen it quite crowded for new movies, best to arrive early and get tickets as soon as they're available. Nice location, with Chile's and Le Cafe downstairs for some after-movie snacks! More >>
  • Renaissance Wonder Land Cinema momo wrote: You are a fantastic cinema. You exist in a place where after one is very tired from playing, he can watch a movie to end his wonderful day with an amazing film. Your chairs are very comfortable. They make one feel relaxed while watching the movie. Your system is very nice. Also, your employees are very helpful and respect your clients very much. Your ticket price is very suitable for all people and your services are very good. I love going to you with my friends. It is very interesting. More >>

Fitness Centers

  • World Gym besso wrote: I work out there...it is awesome....They offer a perfect atmosphere for exercising...i just hope if they open much earlier so people can go to practice before work. More >>
  • Pro Center Health Club salah wrote: Pro center is one of the most expert and targeted gym in Egypt. They have very good trainers and a lot of machines and every machine have a touch screen to access the internet and enjoy the surfing while playing. They have very good doctors for those who want to know how to lose weight and know the percentage of the fats and muscles and water in their bodies. Their prices are normal and are low for all the options available in the gym. They have a swimming pool and massage and the doors of the gym open by your finger print. More >>


  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Update to my previous review; I recently went again to Mandara spa and the place itself as well as the massage is still one of the best in Egypt. I had a 90 minutes sports massage and the massage really went deep into my knots and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The lady was really great. However the small things often make a big difference and the towels and bathrobes smelled really bad and even after exchanging them the replacement also smelt really bad. The very nice Thai lady who brought us the towels smelled them herself and the face she made when she smelled them said it all. I almost laughed. She explained that the laundry service of the hotel is not working properly!!!! WHAT? I wonder what they do with all their sheets. Not a nice thought. Besides that you take of (almost) all of your clothes to get a massage and then you walk to the massage room from your locker room. They used to have the one time slippers that all 5 star hotels have in their rooms but this time they had a pair of plastic slippers that really looked as if they had been worn by a construction worker for years. No way am I going to put my feet in those. I guess the times are hard and they need to save where they can but saving on towels and slippers is not the right place. It really ruins the whole mood. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Best spa in Egypt. That pretty much sums it up. I love a good massage and spa experience and the Mandara Spa is top notch. From the moment you enter you feel as if you have entered a different world. You start by filling out a form detailing if there is any area you would like to have special focus on and if you have any areas which may have aches and pain. A great way to ensure there is no miscommunication and that you get exactly what you had in mind. I had the deep tissue full body massage with focus on my back area. The masseuse was polite, petite and from Thailand and OMG she could apply pressure on all the right places. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep and when my hour was up I just wanted to continue. I felt like a new man leaving and the biggest worry is that it is so good it could become addictive. Pricing is not cheap (expect app LE 600 for 1 hour) but well worth every pound. More >>


  • El - Ezaby Pharmacies Wassily wrote: The best pharmacies chain in all of Egypt. With branches spread all over Egypt, you can find it everywhere and the delivery service is available in almost the whole country. If you have a drug or a medication that you can't find anywhere, be sure you will find it in el ezabi pharmacies. Also the delivery service is great, the people handling the calls are professional and they guide you to what you want and speak with all respect. The delivery is being delivered fast because they understand that for sick people, every minute counts. Great pharmacy and great people who work there. More >>
  • El - Ezaby Pharmacies Mohamed Salah wrote: Used to be the best, now they charge 3 LE delivery fees and don't work 24/7 More >>


  • Neuro Med fawzym wrote: I had a snoring problem and went to the sleep care clinic. I did a sleep study and found that I also have mild sleep apnea. I strongly recommend them. More >>
  • Dr. Ahmed Saad tarekelsehrawy wrote: Dr. Ahmed Saad is one of the perfect psychiatry professors in the faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University. His clinic offers all general psychiatry services in addition to child, geriatric and addiction therapy services and also psychological assessment for any patient. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • American Hospital medo wrote: this hospital is mainly for giving birth and they have other sections for women skin and hair you know such things for being pretty anyway i would like to tell you about it as my wife went there when we got our daughter, they are more than clean, their rooms are so comfortable as i stayed with my wife so i saw it by myself. they really took care of my wife and our baby, their doctors and nurses are so helpful by the way we got our private doctor i wanna say you can bring a doctor and he doesn't work in the hospital and they will cooperate with him well. they also teach my wife how to deal with the baby as our daughter is our first baby. they served good food too, their prices are reasonable but if you have a medical insurance they exceed their limit but not with so much, i give them 4 stars because i was having medical insurance for my wife and they got very long time to let my wife inter her room because of the paper work i really got angry so much at this time and i hope that this to be changed as i said the hospital was wonderful except this issue. More >>
  • Abou Bakr Medical Center soliman wrote: I strongly recommend that you go there to make the medical examination for the driving license. It's less crowded than any similar place in Ismailyah. More >>

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