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Restaurants Eat Out

  • Pizza Station heema wrote: Pizza station is a new pizza restaurant that makes pizza in a very creative way. You can order your pizza in separate slices, a full pizza or a pizza with four separate kinds in one single pizza. You can add anything on your pizza from extra cheese to pepperoni to BBQ sauce to any kind of additive you dream of. Also, pizza station is special with their pizza size. You can order XXL large pizza that can be enough for a family consisting of 6 persons and I will guarantee you that each person in the family will be satisfied. More >>
  • Didos Al Dente Wassily wrote: Didos al Dente, a piece of Italy here in Egypt, usually I went to Didos el Zamalek since it was close to my college, after I ended college I still went to Zamalek, till I discovered in the Yellow Pages that there was a Didos al Dente in Mohandessen (where I live), so I gave it a try and wasn’t disappointed at all. The place was clean and tidy, staff was helpful and always eager to provide the best service available, food was very tasty and of course they also had the all time great Didos side dish menu, which offers great appetizers for all tastes. More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • Groppi momo wrote: Groppi is one of the oldest casinos in Egypt, we have been hearing about it from our grandparents and parents; it is known as a very special place for lovers since it opened in Egypt. We decided to go there my friends and I, it is situated in a fantastic place and has many windows and doors on both the streets it looks on. It is very special what I love about it is that it has kept on its old fashioned and classic décor and it is very comfortable and the moment you enter it you feel you have stepped back in time. The place is in somewhat expensive but you will like it. More >>
  • El Abd Patisserie lovesART wrote: El Abd Pastry encapsulates the old-fashioned past with its delicious selection of classic local Egyptian sweets. Known as one of Cairo's most famous bakeries, El Abd Pastry is the neighborhood hotspot for fresh croissants, cookies, pastries, savory pies and even ice cream treats. Try the sticky and sweet basbousa. Make your selections at the counter and expect a line, as this bakery is very popular. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Arabica lovesART wrote: Located upstairs, this neighborhood cafe is favored by students. The atmosphere is laid-back with window seating, bar height tables and free Wi-Fi, perfect for studying or meeting up with friends. Be creative at your table with crayons and blank sheets of paper serving as tablecloths. Breakfast items include pastries, omelets and fresh squeezed juices. The coffee is delightful. Lunch and dinner menu features light salads and sandwich wraps with fries. Evenings are often crowded. More >>
  • Cilantro lovesART wrote: With over 50 branches, Cilantro has long been a favorite hangout for locals and expats. Not only a coffee shop, Cilantro offers a variety of light and healthy salads and sandwiches, breakfast items and delicious desserts (the carrot cake is amazing). Dine in or take-away, the food is always fresh and tastes the same no matter where you are, as it is prepared at one central kitchen and then dispatched to various locations daily. More >>


  • Wadi Degla Holding ODDA wrote: It's a special club, although it's small (a bit) but it's very good and quiet. I visit it from time to time. More >>
  • Sakkara Country Club fido wrote: Sakkara Country club is located right along the desert line just north of Abou Sir Pyramids (Sakkara Step Pyramids are just south of Abou Sir). i've been a member there for years and the past couple of years have been under new ownership which are really turing the club around - currently new and large infinity pools are being put in, the restaurant is being refurbished, the rooms were gutted and completely redesigned and there are other grand plans. So, if you would like a relaxing spot to hang out in on the weekends... swim, ride horses, play tennis, rent quads .... Sakkara Country Club is a great place, particularly for families. The kitchen staff is new and the food is very good while also reasonably priced. The grand opening is likely going to be after Ramadan so if your planning on joining a club, check it out then More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Dream Park besso wrote: It is the Egyptian Disney Land...It is really a good place with very good design and with very good games that make your day much better....Everyone should go there and experience playing in this very good Park. More >>
  • Dream Park Mico wrote: It's the biggest fun park in Egypt. You can spend all the day in it without getting bored; I like to go to it with my friends from time to time to have fun & to change my routine. But the problem that it is getting very crowded in summer & vacations -:( More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • Senzo Mall Cinema festina wrote: senzo cinema is the best cinema in hurghada , The mall contains 6 cinema and all have been designed according to the latest international standards, including VIP halls where all cinemas accommodate the total of 1200 and the cinemas in the mall are the largest and best cinemas of Hurghada ever. and always senzo cinema have agood offers for groups and others promotion like know you can take 50% discount if you have group , or you can buy 1 and get 1 free if you have voucher i think really it's afantastic cinem if you visit hurghada you must see it specialy VIP halls. More >>
  • El Amir Cinema momo wrote: Your cinema is fantastic. It is easy to reach and it is the best cinema because it is very close to my home. Watching movies has become much easier for me. The movies viewed are the recent ones and the best. You also bring movies from the outside, which I really love. You are suitable for any family to go and watch a movie together. Your ticket price is very suitable for all people and services are good. I love you very much, as does my family. We wait until any vacancy comes so that we can all go there together. More >>

Fitness Centers

  • Gold's Gym - Lagoon Alex ahmedfk wrote: I have joined the gym since the last July because of what i heard about it as the best gym in Egypt , there's only one branch of this gym in Alexandria, and it's really a nice place for practicing sport including boxing , spinning, abs workout, and weight lifting , i think its membership fee is about 2400 egp and there is a special discount for the lagoon club members, there are a lot of sales representatives that you find any one of them at any time and they will be pleased to help you, and you can pay the fee as premiums. More >>
  • Fibers Club Family man wrote: I have been a member of Fibers now for 2 months and let me start off by saying it is a good gym. The equipment is very nice and they have lots of cardio machines (most of their equipment is from the brand TechnoGym). It is a brand new club and it shows that everything is still new. They have spent quite a lot of money on the decorations but they skimped on some areas which shouldn't make that much of a difference for example the garbage bins they have set up through out the gym. Most of them are already broken because they are of poor quality. If you spend millions on a gym then spend the last few thousand on decent garbage bins. The downside is that it has a low ceiling and the view from the gym to the outside is not very inspiring. All of the cardio equipment has built in entertainment which is nice and they have a good selection of app. 20 TV channels with Eng and Arb programs. Remember to bring your earphones. Because the gym is still relatively new it is still nice and empty so you can get a good workout done without waiting for the machines to become available. They have a small pro shop where you can buy supplements and Cafe Greco has a tiny branch inside the gym but a recommendation would be to offer protein shakes instead of cake or coffee. All in all one of the better gyms in Egypt. More >>


  • Mandara Spa Marie Lou wrote: One day suffering from a case of “Pharaonic Phatigue “I decide to pay a visit to the Mandara Spa in the Marriott Hotel. Relaxation starts when you step in to the foyer where you are offered a tray containing tea, a warm scented towel to refresh yourself and the list of treatments to choose from. The decor is tasteful Asian, the lights are dim, and a lovely citrusy fragrance and soothing music waft in the air. Even under the closest scrutiny what is most remarkable about the spa is the cleanliness, it is spotless. Once you have picked out your choice of treatment an attendant escorts you to a changing and shower room, then to the area where it will be administered. The same serene, tasteful decor and outstanding cleanliness is present all over the spa. I had a Moroccan bath and a rejuvenating facial both executed by a tiny Asian technician with hands surprisingly strong when giving a body massage and as light as butterflies when working on facials. The experience was a vacation within a vacation and worth every penny. Always best to call ahead to make an appointment and specify what you want done so they can set up and be ready for you when you arrive. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Best spa in Egypt. That pretty much sums it up. I love a good massage and spa experience and the Mandara Spa is top notch. From the moment you enter you feel as if you have entered a different world. You start by filling out a form detailing if there is any area you would like to have special focus on and if you have any areas which may have aches and pain. A great way to ensure there is no miscommunication and that you get exactly what you had in mind. I had the deep tissue full body massage with focus on my back area. The masseuse was polite, petite and from Thailand and OMG she could apply pressure on all the right places. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep and when my hour was up I just wanted to continue. I felt like a new man leaving and the biggest worry is that it is so good it could become addictive. Pricing is not cheap (expect app LE 600 for 1 hour) but well worth every pound. More >>


  • Seif Pharmacies medo wrote: i like this branch and citysatrs branch and this 2 branches have a great wide range of products of this brand Chicco it is great with a very high quality staff for children i got every thing my daughter needs , also their delivery is very good when i call them just about 20 min and i find my required , anyway they have many other branches and they open 24 hours a day but there is something i would like to be changed when they have a shortage in something they get a long time to get it back also they got a very good products for feeding children you know the vegatables and fruits cans they are made espcially for the children , also sometimes my wife got offers for perfumes and cosmatics staff and they publish these offers in thier monthly magazine. More >>
  • El - Ezaby Pharmacy Wassily wrote: The best pharmacies chain in all of Egypt. With branches spread all over Egypt, you can find it everywhere and the delivery service is available in almost the whole country. If you have a drug or a medication that you can't find anywhere, be sure you will find it in el ezabi pharmacies. Also the delivery service is great, the people handling the calls are professional and they guide you to what you want and speak with all respect. The delivery is being delivered fast because they understand that for sick people, every minute counts. Great pharmacy and great people who work there. More >>


  • Neuro Med Clinics fawzym wrote: I had a snoring problem and went to the sleep care clinic. I did a sleep study and found that I also have mild sleep apnea. I strongly recommend them. More >>
  • Dr. Hisham Atta Family man wrote: I sprained my back during a shoulder workout with the result that I was bed ridden. Constant pain and whenever I moved my neck a shooting pain flared up through my neck and down my back and into my arm. You realize how often you actually move your neck when it hurts. Dr. Hisham Atta was recommended to me by a friend and I called him up and explained my situation. He was very helpful and I set an appointment the same day only a few hours later. He was relatively punctual and he even called me on my mobile to explain that the reason he was late (20 minutes) was that there had been an accident on the Corniche in Maadi and traffic was blocked up. The treatment took app 45 minutes and I left a different man. I wasnt 100% cured but at least I could move without constant pain. His clinic is on the 16th floor of Maadi Hotel and parking around this area is very easy. Dr. Hisham speaks fluent English and has several educational certificates from the US. He specializes in sports injuries and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need for help in that regard. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Cleopatra Hospital Family man wrote: I have visited Cleopatra hospital twice. Once as a patient myself and once as a close relative of a patient. Both times things have actually gone well. The rooms are simple but clean and the staff there is friendly, smiling and not expecting a tip every time they say hello. Of course any hospital stay as either a patient or the stay of a close family member is never a pleasant experience but both times the treatment was successful and tolerable. I would recommend though fixing the TV antenna as all channels are very poor in quality and filled with TV static. More >>
  • Al Salam Hospital - El Mohandeseen ODDA wrote: Excellent medical care, but it's pricy of course. I recommend it, but you must have big pockets... and God bless us all :) More >>

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