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Restaurants Eat Out

  • La Casetta besso wrote: I went there many times. They really serve a very delicious food that makes u want to get back to eat once again. Its interior design is also remarkable. More >>
  • Samakmak Wassily wrote: Samakmak, one of the best places that offer seafood, with best prices and a wide variety you will not leave there unsatisfied, i personally go there alot since i live in mohandessen and its one of the best seafood places, so whenever im n the mood for seafood, this is my target place, i personally enjoy their seafood soup, its amazing and very clean, or as we say. mesh mezafara, and as i said, prices are very convenient, also their delivery is very fast, once in hungry and cant go there, i pick up the phone and call in a delivery. More >>

Bakery & Pastry Shops

  • Cakes House Marie Lou wrote: Egyptian friends knowing that I like pastries took me all the way from Maadi to Heliopolis to the Cakes House. I may like sweets but nobody likes them the way Egyptians do, the place is lined with counters full of cakes, pastries, cookies, tarts, candies there is even a section (albeit a very small one) for diet confections. Great place to get hostess gifts of chocolate, in boxes, baskets even as a bouquet made out entirely of chocolate. I ended up coming home with a luscious almond tart and a box full of arabic pastries, a whole lot of which I nibbled on the way. More >>
  • Testa Rossa Cafe souljackal wrote: Testa Rossa is definitely one of the very best. With their blue tinted modern atmosphere, the chill out music they play, their nice cozy seats and fresh desserts, it all puts you into a celebrating mood, even if you do not have anything to really celebrate. The place overlooks the horse riding arena and every sunset. It's a magnificent view that you will probably come back for sooner or later. Their TV screens are crispy clear and they have a policy though that is against showing the local football league, only international encounters. More >>

Cafes and Coffee Shops

  • Starbucks Mounir wrote: as in all branches of Starbucks, you could enjoy your coffee in a friendly atmosphere... I specially recommend the new Caramel Frappuccino Mocha with the whipped cream adds... that is really hard to resist by all measures... More >>
  • Spectra Restaurant & Cafe Remo wrote: When it comes to my best restaurant ever, i have lots of words to say Spectra is just an Amazing restaurant which i always find the Charming Weather and the mouthwatering delicious food which is picked with care, actually spectra didn't left any single detail to be done by careless, When you enter from the door you just begin a new life specially when you go with your friends, Even the minimum charge is not too much . Oh i forgot Spectra is the Best place where you could taste the Superb Ice-Cream Ever More >>


  • Cairo Capital Club Myakrasia wrote: This is probably the best place in town in terms of ambiance and food. Unlike other hyped up places that don't deliver, this place is actually exclusivity with a capital E. More >>
  • Smouha Club saytara wrote: Smouha Club is the first and biggest club in Alexandria. Smouha Club is clean and comfortable, suitable for the young and the not so young, even the children have a place of their own. There are facilities for polo, soccer, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, swimming, water polo, and there are two areas reserved for skateboard. There are also many restaurants such as; McDonald’s, Sinos, Festival, Happy Time, Buffalo, and Bon Appetit. Really this club is super cool because there are plenty of choices there. More >>

Playgrounds & Amusement Parks

  • Family Land Sha Sha wrote: Family Land does have a lot to offer. Some shopping, kids activities and rides, restaurants, a ladies only weight loss center and last, but not least, the cinema. Movies shown represent both Arabic and English titles, as first run as can be expected here. The theaters are reasonably sized; the larger ones can get kind of loud when crowded. Cold drinks, popcorn, snacks (the usual stuff) are available in the lobbies. More >>
  • Lion Village momo wrote: You are a wonderful place, really. Your idea is very new in Egypt and you exist in a suitable place for many people to visit. Your baby lions are so cute to play with. They are so tiny and wonderful to photograph. It is a chance that will never come again. Also, the ostrich are fantastic. I loved them so much and loved playing with them. Also, the food was fantastic and delicious, especially the pies or El Fater el meshaltet with honey. It is the best meal, so keep on because you are the best place to go and have fun. More >>

Cinemas & Theaters

  • Renaissance Bandar Maadi Cinema Mounir wrote: I always like to watch new -mid night- movies there... always clean... friendly staff... great pop corn... 25 L.E. for the ticket is fine... More >>
  • Golden Stars Cinema Mohamed Salah wrote: Well i think its the best cinema because it offers the best experience. first no one under 18 allowed... So there are no kids in the cinema! AMAZING!! The seats are so comfortable and the spacing between them is more than enough even for a chubby person... I have to say that if i want to go to cinema i don't just check for the movie names, i check for the movies that are being displayed in the golden stars cinema. More >>

Fitness Centers

  • Gold's Gym fido wrote: I've been exercising at Gold's in Maadi since 1998, so fair to say it's a pretty good gym. The weight lifting equipment is good and relatively new. The music is always dependent on the front desk clerk's personal taste though ... in my case i sometimes have to listen to hip hop or rave music at 6 AM... not really my thing at 6 AM - management should agree on an appropriate type / selection of music for all times of the day and make certain that staff stick to their rules. The cardio equipment is on the older side and is not well maintained and the cardio built in TV screens are notoriously renown for not working ... when you step onto a cardio machine you never know what to expect ... screen may be burnt, volume not working, the channel you like to watch everyday is all of a sudden gone and nobody seems to understand how the satellite system works. They open very early and close very late which is good. On a final note, they could learn something about customer service; i go early in the morning and there are extra rooms such as the circuit room which i would like to use and when i asked if i could, the front desk clerk said "no". So i said "well why not?" so he said "because it's not open in the morning" and i replied "well i pay the same fees as others and i would like to use it too" ... anyway, a pointless discussion which did nothing other than irritate the heck out of me. In the end the clerk said "if you want to complain, write a complaint". More >>
  • Worlds Gym AdoniS wrote: They have really cool and clean place which is fully equipped... Really friendly staff... Better than the others... More >>


  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Update to my previous review; I recently went again to Mandara spa and the place itself as well as the massage is still one of the best in Egypt. I had a 90 minutes sports massage and the massage really went deep into my knots and I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. The lady was really great. However the small things often make a big difference and the towels and bathrobes smelled really bad and even after exchanging them the replacement also smelt really bad. The very nice Thai lady who brought us the towels smelled them herself and the face she made when she smelled them said it all. I almost laughed. She explained that the laundry service of the hotel is not working properly!!!! WHAT? I wonder what they do with all their sheets. Not a nice thought. Besides that you take of (almost) all of your clothes to get a massage and then you walk to the massage room from your locker room. They used to have the one time slippers that all 5 star hotels have in their rooms but this time they had a pair of plastic slippers that really looked as if they had been worn by a construction worker for years. No way am I going to put my feet in those. I guess the times are hard and they need to save where they can but saving on towels and slippers is not the right place. It really ruins the whole mood. More >>
  • Mandara Spa Family man wrote: Best spa in Egypt. That pretty much sums it up. I love a good massage and spa experience and the Mandara Spa is top notch. From the moment you enter you feel as if you have entered a different world. You start by filling out a form detailing if there is any area you would like to have special focus on and if you have any areas which may have aches and pain. A great way to ensure there is no miscommunication and that you get exactly what you had in mind. I had the deep tissue full body massage with focus on my back area. The masseuse was polite, petite and from Thailand and OMG she could apply pressure on all the right places. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep and when my hour was up I just wanted to continue. I felt like a new man leaving and the biggest worry is that it is so good it could become addictive. Pricing is not cheap (expect app LE 600 for 1 hour) but well worth every pound. More >>


  • Seif Pharmacies medo wrote: i like this branch and citysatrs branch and this 2 branches have a great wide range of products of this brand Chicco it is great with a very high quality staff for children i got every thing my daughter needs , also their delivery is very good when i call them just about 20 min and i find my required , anyway they have many other branches and they open 24 hours a day but there is something i would like to be changed when they have a shortage in something they get a long time to get it back also they got a very good products for feeding children you know the vegatables and fruits cans they are made espcially for the children , also sometimes my wife got offers for perfumes and cosmatics staff and they publish these offers in thier monthly magazine. More >>
  • El - Ezaby Pharmacy besso wrote: It should be named the Medicine Mega Store...they have all the medicines and the special about this Pharmacy that if they don’t have what you need...they will bring it to you :) More >>


  • Dr. Inas Shaltout amira wrote: The worst experience of my life. Waited long hours in the clinic. Haphazard arrangement of appointments, rude secretary and above all poor reception for patient complaints by the physician. Had to listen to an old TV interview for the physician over and over for 5 hours; I nearly had a nervous breakdown. What tournament and suffering!! Highly not recommended. There are pretty much better physicians than this one definitely. More >>
  • ODC - Osman Dental Clinic Family man wrote: I started going to Dr. Osman approximately 3 years ago because my daughter had a problem with an overbite. We went first to several other dentists and none of them instilled confidence in me or my daughter. Dr. Osman is great with kids and my daughter immediately fell at ease with him and so did we. After everything was done the invoice was less than 10% of what the other dentists had quoted. We were very (pleasantly) surprised. Since then we have been going regularly to ODC and I have recommended this place to my friends as well. In the clinic they also have the best dental hygienist in Egypt, Dr. Jackie. She has been cleaning my teeth for many years (she works in another dentist clinic as well) and now she is also cleaning the teeth of my wife and kids. Best dentist in Egypt. More >>

Hospitals & Medical Centers

  • Abou Bakr Medical Center soliman wrote: I strongly recommend that you go there to make the medical examination for the driving license. It's less crowded than any similar place in Ismailyah. More >>
  • Diabetic Foot Center - Dr. Rashad Beshara polaadel wrote: from the very good centers in following up the diabetes diseases .. which considered as one of the most dangerous diseases that need a very accurate follow up .. .. they provide a very good treatment and follow up .. with a very modern instruments used in diagnosing disease .. although diabetes has no cure as it is a chronic disease .. but the doctors there give a very good diabetes control to the patients .. from the valuable advices they give there are Choosing proper footwear and Regular exercises More >>

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